White Papers

Jordan Search Consultants’ leadership is regularly asked to share their opinions and experiences on a variety of industry topics. Our library of white papers continues to grow. Please download and feel free to email us with your thoughts!

Increasing Accessibility to Healthcare

The State of Healthcare Recruitment: Insights from 2018 and Predictions for the Year Ahead

A Conversation About Population Health

EQ Measurement as a Tool in Healthcare Recruitment and Development

Shifting Gender Balance: Physician Shortfall Necessitates Changes in Healthcare Recruiting

The State of the Healthcare Recruitment Industry: What We Learned from 2017, and What to Expect in 2018

Healthcare: Leading Through Uncertain Times

How to Define Your Organization’s Culture to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Healthcare Reform’s Impact on Advanced Practitioners

A Conversation About Physician Leadership

Top 10 Questions to Assess Employee Fit With Your Organization’s Culture

Recruiting and Retaining Multigenerational Healthcare Professionals

The Physician Leader: What Physicians and Organizations Need to Know in the Era of Population Health

Population Health: How it Affects the Industry, Providers, and Recruitment

Primary Care Provider Shortage and the Impact on Integrated Care