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White Papers

Jordan Search Consultants’ leadership is regularly asked to share their opinions and experiences on a variety of industry topics. Our library of white papers continues to grow. Please download and feel free to email us with your thoughts!

The State of Healthcare Recruitment: Insights from 2018 and Predictions for the Year Ahead

A Conversation About Population Health

EQ Measurement as a Tool in Healthcare Recruitment and Development

Shifting Gender Balance: Physician Shortfall Necessitates Changes in Healthcare Recruiting

The State of the Healthcare Recruitment Industry: What We Learned from 2017, and What to Expect in 2018

Healthcare: Leading Through Uncertain Times

How to Define Your Organization’s Culture to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Healthcare Reform’s Impact on Advanced Practitioners

A Conversation About Physician Leadership

Top 10 Questions to Assess Employee Fit With Your Organization’s Culture

Recruiting and Retaining Multigenerational Healthcare Professionals

The Physician Leader: What Physicians and Organizations Need to Know in the Era of Population Health

Population Health: How it Affects the Industry, Providers, and Recruitment

Primary Care Provider Shortage and the Impact on Integrated Care