Who We Serve

At Jordan Search Consultants, we provide solutions for organizations who are looking to fill essential positions quickly and with highly qualified candidates. We offer short-term and long-term staffing solutions, as well as executive recruitment for organizations across the country.

The competition for healthcare and higher education professionals in the U.S. is unparalleled. It is imperative for organizations like yours to have an effective hiring process in place. Recruitment and staffing directly affect revenue, reputation, and retention. These critical success factors cannot be left to chance — that’s where Jordan Search Consultants comes in.

Our clients include:

  • Academic Institutions
  • COVID-19 Testing & Vaccine Sites
  • Hospital & Specialty Pharmacies
  • Integrated Health Systems/Hospitals
  • IPAs, ACOs, HMOs, Health Plan
  • Medical Groups
  • Nonprofits (Hospice, FQHCs, Community Health Centers)

Find out how our leadership level hiring strategies can drive revenue with a free recruitment assessment or staffing consultation. Call (866) 750-7231 or email us today.

Our Process: Key Focus Areas

We believe a successful partnership hinges on a clear understanding of how we can achieve your goals together. Our proven approach incorporates five key focus areas that enable us to fill positions with top candidates in less time. This translates directly to cost savings and competitive advantages for your facility.

  • Time & Cost Savings.
    Our recruitment efforts save you time and money by taking the searching and hiring process off your plate. For short and long-term staffing, we handle all the details — from vetting the best candidates to hiring and paying the staff selected.
  • Alignment.
    Every stakeholder in the process must be aligned on your hiring needs. If everyone isn’t on the same page to start with, it could add significant time to the process.
  • Defined Compensation Plan.
    Clearly identify what you are willing to offer for your open position, including any signing bonuses, incentive packages, and a compensation structure. A thorough and competitive offer can greatly reduce back-and-forth negotiation.
  • Understanding of Organizational Culture.
    Your organization’s culture and its definition of success should be well-defined before entering into a recruitment or staffing partnership. We take the time to understand your organization and pre-screen candidates for these attributes, which reduces time-to-fill and greatly impacts retention rates.
  • Coordinated Internal Recruitment Process.
    Your organization must know which staff members and administrators need to meet with and interview the candidate — and then have a review process in place, which allows for objective feedback on each candidate. This will streamline the path to group consensus, so that an offer can be made to the top prospect.

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Find out how our leadership level hiring strategies can drive revenue with a free recruitment assessment or staffing consultation. Call (866) 750-7231 or email us today.

“JSC was professional, responsive, and flexible. They customized the search to our organization, and readily incorporated our feedback to create a positive experience not only for us, but also for the candidates.”

— Katie Rutledge, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Springfield Clinic, Springfield, IL

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