Jordan Search Consultants is a St. Louis-based healthcare, executive, and higher education search firm serving clients nationwide. Our executive search specialists and healthcare recruitment experts have almost a century of combined experience in the industry. We partner with client organizations throughout the U.S. to fill the following positions:

  • Physicians
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Healthcare Executives
  • Physician Leaders
  • Nursing Leadership
  • Higher Education Faculty and University Leadership
  • Advanced Practitioners

Jordan Search Consultants provides the best recruitment services to both clients and candidates by building dynamic and effective teams in a variety of settings. We achieve this through:

  • Integrity, professionalism, and persistence
  • A streamlined, strategic approach to recruitment
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If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. When you partner with Jordan Search Consultants, our expert consultants become a part of your recruitment team. And, our ability to customize recruitment solutions to fit your evolving staffing needs provides you with a distinct competitive advantage.


A Few Recent Placement Successes

Healthcare Providers

University of Colorado
Internal Medicine Physician
Denver, CO

Rainbow Hospice
Lead Palliative Medicine Physician
Mount Prospect, IL

Marin General Hospital
Physician Assistant – Surgical
San Francisco Bay Area, CA

SIU School of Medicine
Family Medicine Physician
Springfield, IL


Rainbow Hospice
Associate Medical Director
Mount Prospect, IL

SIU School of Medicine
Chair Department of Psychiatry
Director of Neuro-oncology
Chief of Orthopedics
Springfield, IL

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Recent Posts

How Physicians Decide Which Specialty to Pursue

Choosing a specialty is a major step for an aspiring physician. For every student who enters medical school already knowing which type of medicine they want to practice, there are many others who are undecided and open to the myriad possibilities. Fortunately, the medical education process allows students to ‘test drive’ different specialties before selecting one in which to specialize.

It’s during these medical school rotations that students are exposed to the nuts and bolts of the various specialties. While all medical schools require third-year students to complete rotations in internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, and surgery, others also require specialties such as neurology, emergency medicine, and radiology. With so many specialties and subspecialties available, many times it’s up to the student to pursue an elective rotation, usually in the summer periods during med school. Giving students hands-on experience in different specialties goes a long way in helping them determine which specialties they may want to pursue, and just as importantly, those they do not.

Many times, choosing a specialty can be as simple as a student asking themselves what they enjoy. Do they like working with their hands and doing procedures? Then a surgical specialty may be the way to go. Do they like solving puzzles and figuring out a diagnosis? Then internal medicine may be the right choice.  Other key questions that young physicians consider include the amount of time they are willing to spend in their training:

  • Residencies for surgical specialties can last a minimum of six years, plus fellowship may also be required
  • The amount of stress involved—ER docs must make split-second decisions that can literally be the difference between life and death
  • What type of setting suits them—a large organization may be right for some, while others prefer a small private practice

With so many options, it’s by having the opportunity to work in various settings and disciplines, that physicians are able to narrow down their choices and find the one that suits them best. The shortage of, and competition for, residency slots make it less practical to pursue a specialty solely based on individual preference. Instead, physicians’ decisions may be more influenced by what’s available. Learn more about how what the residency slot shortage means for the future of healthcare—and opportunities available to future physicians—here.

Will we see new models of physician compensation in 2017?

Are healthcare regulations and incentives about to disrupt physician compensation models again? Although there are many models of physician compensation in effect, each with its own rewards and risks, the uncertainty following the U.S. presidential election has made it necessary for physicians and medical systems to take a wait-and-see approach as to what comes next.

Here are some of the models currently in use:

Fee-for-Service: This model focuses on paying for service with the focus on throughput and productivity. The risk with FFS is the tendency for overuse.

Fee-for-Value: The move to this model was meant to improve outcomes and reduce costs across the continuum of collaborative care. In the Fee-for-Value model, success requires a model to produce improved care outcomes while lowering costs of care.

Straight Salary: This simply means annual pay for doing the job. Misuse and underuse are both concerns with this model.

Pay-for-Performance: This model pairs compensation with predefined performance benchmarks. With P4P models, there is less chance for misuse, but overuse can result in a decrease in quality.

Capitation: This classic model of compensation is based on a fixed amount of patients per month.

Bundled Payment: Based on episodes of care across a continuum of healthcare professionals (individuals and teams) as well as organizations, this model lines up services with need.

Concierge: This model combines Fee-for-Service with an annual retainer. There is a low risk of overuse with this model because of the high cost.

ACO: This model is based on savings from which pay is determined by other metrics tied to the three goals (also known as the Triple Aim) of improving the patient experience of care—including quality and satisfaction, improving the health of populations, and lowering the per capita cost of health care.

Direct Contracting: This model pays physicians based upon a contract with an employer, eliminating the insurance intermediary. There is little to no value-based incentive, so the potential for overuse and misuse exists.

Production RVU: Based on a percentage of a physician’s productivity, the RVU stands for Relative Value Units—a RVU is given to each patient encounter, including procedures and surgery, and the physician.

One of the objectives of the Affordable Care Act was to tie physician compensation to increased patient quality and outcomes. What comes next remains to be seen, but flexibility and adaptability will be a key to sustainability. How is your organization preparing for potential change?

Suggestions for Women in Medicine: Career Advancement

Women in Medicine, Healthcare Recruitment

As a female business owner of a company that embraces diversity in the workplace, encouraging women to advance their careers and gain leadership roles is very important to me. In medicine—an industry with which Jordan Search Consultants works intimately—the professional barriers that women face are especially apparent; only 18% of U.S. hospital CEOs are female. According to HealthcareDIVE, the share of incoming women CEOs in the world’s 2,500 largest public companies dropped to 2.8% in 2015, the lowest level since 2011. Among healthcare companies, the rate was even lower—1.6%. It is my goal, as a healthcare staffing provider, to impact change these statistics. As such, here are several ways women in medicine can advance their careers.

  • Adopt a leadership mindset in advance. Leaders don’t become leaders by accepting leadership positions. They are offered those positions because they have already prepared themselves for the role. For example, those who dream of transitioning from healthcare provider to healthcare administrator should consider getting an MBA. There are many other leadership training opportunities outside of a formal university education, as well. The important thing to remember is that if you want to advance your career, you can’t wait until you’ve reached a leadership position to start acting like a leader. Adopt the mindset now.
  • Find a mentor (or at least a resource who can help guide you). A recent survey of male and female healthcare leaders found that women place more value on their bosses, peers, and organizational resources when it came to plotting an upward career path. This tells us that women are more likely to seek out guidance on their way to the top. This is significant because in order to achieve a leadership position, you can’t be hesitant to ask for guidance. This can come in the form of finding a mentor in the C-suite to help guide you through the process or making use of a variety of other resources your organization may have available to you.
  • Face your fears head on. One of the most prominent qualities of a leader is fearlessness. That’s not to say that every successful woman in medicine never had her anxieties. But it does mean that she understood that in order to succeed, she had to overcome them. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, consider volunteering to speak at your organization’s next event or lead a training program or webinar on a topic about which you have specialized knowledge. Even if it’s not directly related to your career goals, taking on something you don’t want to do will prove to your peers—and more importantly, to yourself—that you are a leader.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the sky is the limit for women in healthcare and healthcare administration. By securing a mentor, asking for guidance, adopting a leadership mindset, and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, you have the power to dictate your own career path—all the way to the top.

Meet Our Team

  • Kathy Jordan
    Kathy Jordan
    Founder and CEO
  • Regina Levison
    Regina Levison
    Vice President of Client Development
  • Kristin Koppen
    Kristin Koppen
    Vice President of Executive Search
  • Sheila Bixler
    Sheila Bixler
    Vice President of Client Services
Jordan Search Consultants provides superior professionalism and diplomacy in tackling difficult executive and physician searches. Knowing that you have experts working on your behalf in such a dynamic industry is very reassuring.
Les Jebson, Administrator, Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine, Springfield, IL
We are able to attract good people who in turn do good work that gets recognized. Jordan Search Consultants has been essential to this, and I believe we have a relationship that is built on more than business. JSC knows who we are and, because of that, we trust their judgement.
Kevin Dorsey, MD, Dean and Provost (2001-2015), Southern Illinois University, School of Medicine, Springfield, IL
Our mission is to build quality teams that have an impact on the communities they serve for our client organizations. We do this by providing professional, responsive and collaborative service to ensure the best possible recruitment outcomes.
Kathy Jordan, President, Jordan Search Consultants
After talking with several leading recruitment firms about growing our medical group by 50%, Jordan Search Consultants was the only one to truly listen, understand our unique needs, and develop an effective solution. Together, we were able to not only recruit 24 providers within 6 months, but also to significantly reduce our recruiting costs. Their ability to adjust staffing, specialty focus, and monthly pricing allowed us the flexibility we needed to meet our ever-changing needs. Having a reliable recruiting partner has allowed our health system to reach strategic goals far ahead of schedule.
William Kohut, Former Provider Recruitment Director, Southwest Washington Medical Center, Vancouver, WA
After trying unsuccessfully with three other recruiting firms for several years to fill a specific practice position, Jordan Search Consultants was recommended to us. From the outset, it was clear that we had found a recruiter who could perform. Almost immediately we had not one, but two highly-qualified, viable candidates. JSC’s ability to represent us professionally and clearly define our opportunity to prospective candidates was a critical factor in the successful recruitment. I recommend Jordan Search Consultants to any organization looking for a reliable recruitment partner to assist them in maintaining a competitive edge.
Bradley Houser, Administrator, St. Luke’s Cataract and Laser Institute, Tarpon Springs, FL
I’ve worked with Regina Levison and Jordan Search Consultants first in a hospital setting and then in my current IPA position. We needed physician recruitment assistance that would be affordable for our group practices and they developed a cost-effective candidate sourcing solution that serves our member groups well. The candidates they find are very qualified and motivated to consider the opportunities our groups have to offer. Jordan Search Consultants really embraces a pay-it-forward attitude. They win when you win. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Scott Kronlund, MD Chief Medical Officer, Northwest Physicians Network IPA, Tacoma, WA
Our experience with Jordan Search Consultants has been very positive with A+ results. We have very specific, specialized positions and we needed to partner with a firm that not only understood the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry but also our unique business model. JSC has surpassed our expectations and met the challenge to identify quality candidates that matched our specified criteria. Meeting our strategic goals is critical and they operated with a sense of urgency and persistence while at the same time consulting with us regarding industry trends and expectations. If you are looking for an executive search firm to assist with your critical searches and represent you in a professional manner, I highly recommend Jordan Search Consultants.
Vice President, Human Resources, Leading National Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Organization
The candidate sourcing concept was new to our group and generated great candidates. The search consultant from Jordan Search who managed our project was readily available and we received monthly updates on the status of the search. Candidate sourcing has been very helpful since none of our physicians or staff have the time to do this the way it should be done.
Irene Heinemeier, FACMPE, Chief Operating Officer, Urology Nevada, Reno, NV
Ms. Levison was qualified by the court as an expert physician and executive recruiter without objection. She established an instant rapport with the jury. Her testimony was convincing and virtually unchallenged.
Eugene Lee, Law Offices of Eugene Lee, Los Angeles, CA
Matt Jordan was honest and easy to work with; I would definitely consider a candidate from Jordan Search Consultants’ Career Placement Solutions in the future.
Tom Leeds, Director, Medical Staff Recruiting, Mercy, Toledo, Ohio

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Recruiting and Retaining Multigenerational Healthcare Professionals
The Physician Leader: What Physicians and Organizations Need to Know in the Era of Population Health

Kathy Jordan
Founder and CEO

Kathy Jordan is the founder and president of Jordan Search Consultants, a search firm providing innovative healthcare, executive, and higher education recruitment solutions to clients throughout the nation. With almost three decades of professional recruiting experience, Kathy has a thorough understanding of the changing dynamics in the healthcare and higher education industries and has gained a national reputation for her unique recruitment and retention initiatives. Her ability to quickly assess an organization’s corporate culture and the professional and personal goals of each candidate produces bottom-line benefits for clients. By partnering with hospitals, medical groups, academic institutions, and healthcare organizations to develop recruitment models designed to meet their goals, Kathy has effectively helped clients reduce time-to-hire, increase retention rates, and reduce recruitment costs.

Kathy received her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing from Lindenwood University in St. Louis, MO. She has completed multiple hours towards a graduate degree in professional counseling and is an active member of the Medical Group Management Association, American College of Medical Practice Executives, the National Association of Physician Recruiters, and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. As a member of the National Association of Physician Recruiters, Kathy has served on the Ethics Committee, further demonstrating her passion for maintaining the integrity of the staffing industry. When she is not absorbed in solving client recruitment challenges, as a life-long St. Louis resident, Kathy loves enjoying the amenities of the city. She also enjoys traveling, gardening, spending time with family and friends, volunteering, and mentoring young women in personal and business growth and development.



Regina Levison
Vice President of Client Development

Regina Levison was the founder and president of Levison Search Associates, a California-based physician and healthcare executive search firm, for more than three decades; her firm merged with Jordan Search Consultants in 2014. Regina harnesses her in-depth knowledge and experience to develop recruitment solutions that improve revenue, quality, and retention for healthcare organizations nationwide. Frequently interviewed by the media as an established thought leader in physician recruitment, Regina has been asked to speak about healthcare staffing nationally.

With expertise in forensic job search, job search assessment, compensation, benefits, and recruitment incentives, Regina is one of few recognized Expert Witnesses in the provider recruitment industry; she regularly provides her opinion in the areas of wrongful termination, spousal support, unfair business practices, slander, loss of privileges, and more.

Regina graduated from California State University in Sacramento, CA, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Before founding Levison Search Associates, she held various leadership positions at search firms in San Francisco. In 1995, Regina co-founded the Society of Professionals in Healthcare, an organization that merged four healthcare professional associations dedicated to education and professional growth for executives and physicians committed to positioning their organizations for the future. She is an active member of the American Association of Integrated Healthcare Delivery, The IPA Association of America, the Medical Group Management Association, rural health associations, advanced practitioner and technologist associations, and professional groups for recruitment and staffing.

When she is not devising solutions to client recruitment challenges, Regina enjoys spending time with her husband, traveling, history, movies, and an exceptional glass of wine.



Kristin Koppen
Vice President of Executive Search

For almost four decades, Kristin Koppen has been at the forefront of the recruiting industry. After an almost two-decade career in Human Resources at two major Fortune 100 companies, Kristin founded her own recruiting firm, The Koppen Group, in 1993. In 2012, after 20 years as President of The Koppen Group, she joined forces with Jordan Search Consultants. As the Director of Executive Search at Jordan Search Consultants, Kristin combines her extensive background in working with corporate and higher education clients with the ability to implement broad-based and customized executive search and recruitment strategies to meet client needs.

Kristin received Bachelor’s degrees in both French and History from William Woods College in Fulton, MO, and is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). She enjoys keeping abreast of the ever-changing higher education recruitment landscape and spending time with family and friends.



Sheila Bixler
Vice President of Client Services

As the Vice President of Client Services at Jordan Search Consultants, Sheila Bixler manages search assignments, analyzes recruitment needs, and develops strategies that reduce time-to-fill and enhance retention rates for clients. Sheila’s nearly two decades of healthcare industry experience has been the impetus for several new search service lines and innovative sourcing strategies to better serve clients. In fact, Sheila designs Jordan Search Consultants’ candidate sourcing services for the company’s physician, physical therapist, pharmacist, and advanced practitioner search offerings. Clients benefit from Sheila’s tenacity and her ability to uncover both active and passive candidates to effectively fill staffing needs. She is adept at customizing recruitment solutions to best meet client goals.

Sheila received a Bachelor’s degree in Recreational Therapy from the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO. When she is not directing search efforts, Sheila enjoys spending time with her husband and children, biking, swimming, and reading.