Welcome to Katy Clark, our newest team member!

Welcome to Katy Clark, our newest team member!

We’re happy to announce the hiring of Katy Clark, the newest member of the Jordan Search Consultants’ team. In her role as Recruitment Assistant, Katy’s responsibilities include researching and compiling datasets for her fellow JSC team members as they work to recruit and retain the best.


We had a Q&A session with Katy to help you get to know her a little better.


Why did you choose this job?

Before I came to JSC, I worked in inventory management for a medical devices company. The work I’m doing now for JSC shares some similarities, although it involves managing names instead of numbers. I’m very organized, detail-oriented, and one of those rare people who enjoys data entry and spreadsheets, so this opportunity was perfect for me!


Why did you choose JSC?

As a new mom, I was looking for an opportunity to get back into the workforce on a part-time basis. I wanted to be in an office environment that would be both rewarding and family-friendly, and I found it in JSC. Everyone here works hard, but they also understand the importance of work-life balance. And the company culture is so welcoming – you’re part of a family. I like knowing that the research I do supports my fellow team members, and in turn, boosts the beneficial work they do within the healthcare industry.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Much of what I do involves online research, and I enjoy getting to be an internet sleuth! I’m also very task-oriented and get a lot of satisfaction from fulfilling requests from team members in an efficient and timely manner.


What are your favorite pastimes?

I have a newborn, so a lot of my time outside work involves taking care of him – and trying to catch up on sleep! He’s such a joy, though, that it’s definitely worth the sleep deprivation. My husband and I like to go camping and attend concerts together, and I also enjoy reading and baking.


What’s a fun fact that most don’t know about you?

I really don’t have one favorite color – I like them all!


How can you best contribute to client retention and JSC growth?

I focus on providing the most comprehensive and organized data possible to my team members. I’m extremely thorough in my research to ensure they have quality assets for sourcing candidates. Any of the providers on the lists that I compile has the potential to be the perfect fit for a recruitment opportunity. Helping my team members succeed helps the whole company – and our clients – thrive.

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