Top 5 Variables That Influence the Time It Takes To Fill a Position

Top 5 Variables That Influence the Time It Takes To Fill a Position

This is the question we get asked most frequently by clients. And it is a valid one. After all, part of the reason healthcare organizations enlist the services of a healthcare recruitment firm is to make the recruitment process more effective.


The answer from Jordan Search Consultants is always the same: it depends. I know; it seems like a vague answer better translated as “we have no idea.” Trust us, it is not. The time period between engaging a search firm and filling a position varies for several reasons.  Below are the top search variables that influence time-to-fill:


  • Location of the position: Is the position in a desirable location? Those positions usually fill faster than in communities that need more of a “sell.”
  • Time of year: If you initiate a search 10-12 months before all residents are graduating, the time-to-fill can be significantly reduced.
  • Candidate skill sets: If the position requires specialized, unique skills, the more time it could take to find the perfect candidate.
  • Type of physician: Are you recruiting a neurosurgeon or a dermatologist? Are you recruiting a primary care physician or a nephrologist? The overall aging of the population combines with new population health requirements to produce increased demand for specific specialties. Thus, the type of physician you are recruiting for influences time-to-fill.
  • Market trends: Physician specialties ride the ebb and flow of popularity. Sometimes higher earning specialties attract more physicians; other times better quality of life specialties attract more physicians. Market trends and the popularity of specialties can greatly influence time-to-fill.


Reputable recruitment firms will not be able to tell you, with certainty, that your position will be filled within a specific time frame. If they do, this should be a red flag. Even within these variables, there are variables that affect time-to-fill. So, unfortunately, the honest, educated, and experienced answer truly is: it depends.


What Might Affect Your Search

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