The Importance of Real Estate Partners for Candidate Recruitment

The Importance of Real Estate Partners for Candidate Recruitment

If there is one thing our clients know about Jordan Search Consultants, it’s that we go above and beyond to find the perfect candidate, every time. Through our customized recruitment processes, extensive candidate database, passive and active candidate marketing techniques, and comprehensive industry knowledge, they have confidence that each search for which they engage us will be filled successfully. What many clients don’t know, however, is that we don’t do it all on our own. We rely heavily on our partners throughout the nation to help “sell” our clients’ communities—especially when relocation is involved—and relocation specialists are a go-to resource.


We interviewed Kathy Jordan, our Founder and CEO, to find out just how important real estate partnerships are throughout the candidate recruitment process.


Q. Why is it important for search firms to develop close relationships with relocation specialists?

We may have the tools to produce top-tier candidates that align with your organizational culture; but one thing we can’t control is the candidate’s willingness to move. That’s why relocation specialists often become an extended part of our recruitment team.


Q. What qualities do you look for when looking for a relocation specialist with whom to partner?

Knowledge and passion. Our partners are not only knowledgeable about the homes they are showing or the housing market, but they can provide endless amounts of valuable information about the community. Similarly, they are not just passionate about real estate; more importantly, they are passionate about the city they are selling. The specialists with whom we partner are their community’s number one advocate.


Q. Has a relocation specialist ever helped to close a candidate who was wavering on their decision?

Absolutely. Often, the partner, spouse, or family member of the candidate we are courting is the decision-maker. In such cases, we have had specialists go above and beyond by taking them around and showing them cultural hot spots while the candidate is in interviews. They find out what the family is interested in—whether it be schools, religious facilities, or family hobbies—and showcase all of the best parts of the community that meet their needs. We once had a candidate whose daughter did not want to move, so our partner relocation specialist arranged for her to meet a local violin teacher because that was her passion. The daughter fell in love with the teacher and was soon in full support of the move, so the candidate took the job. It was a win-win!


We also talked to one of our primary partners in St. Louis, Jill Butler, owner of RedKey Realty, to get her perspective on real estate’s role in recruitment.


Q. Why is the ability to sell a community just as important as market knowledge?

One of the most important parts of selling a home is selling the community. The most beautiful home in the world means nothing to most families if they aren’t confident in the schools their children will attend or the culture that they will be surrounded by each day.


Q. How do you recruit relocation specialists who you feel are knowledgeable and passionate about St. Louis?

As RedKey has developed an expertise in relocation, this has become an ever-important question. We look for specialists who not only love and appreciate St. Louis, but are actually participants in the community. When you’re constantly involved in events throughout the city, it’s impossible not to be passionate about it, and it’s also the best way to gain knowledge.


Q. Have you ever helped a recruiter close a deal with a candidate who was wavering on their decision?

Many times. When we partner with search firms or organizations with relocation initiatives, part of our process is to take the candidate and their family on a limo tour through the city. We go by cultural institutions, tell them about the rich history of each neighborhood, and introduce them to everything we love about St. Louis. Our partners oftentimes tell us that the tour is what solidified their candidate’s decision. It’s a lot of fun for everyone.


There you have it. When you’re seeking the best of the best, you can’t afford not to ensure that your top candidates are sold on every aspect of your organization—including its zip code. If your healthcare organization needs help recruiting out-of-town candidates to your city, Jordan Search Consultants has the knowledge and partnerships to ensure success.

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