What your Healthcare Recruitment Partner Should Be Asking

What your Healthcare Recruitment Partner Should Be Asking

Clients are often surprised at the questions we ask during on-site visits to learn more about their organization, the departments for which they are recruiting, and their past recruitment experiences. At Jordan Search Consultants, we feel it is crucial to gather comprehensive information about our clients’ organizations in order to recruit candidates that will be a good fit and remain long-term. Below is a partial list of questions we ask—and questions your recruitment partner should be asking—in order to recruit effectively.

Questions About Culture

  • How would leaders and employees (both past and present) describe the culture of the organization?
  • What is your turnover rate and why do those who leave go?
  • How do you define teamwork?
  • What is working well in the department and in the organization as a whole?
  • What is not working well?
  • What kinds of changes are taking place and why?
  • Can we interview other employees and stakeholders who will be interacting with the placed candidate?

Questions About Strategy

  • Will you share the history of the department, both negative and positive?
  • What are the growth goals for the department and the organization?
  • Are you recruiting a change agent or a stabilizer—and why?
  • What 3-5 candidate skill sets/qualifications are most important to you for this position?
  • Can you describe the personality characteristics of the professional who will succeed long-term in this position?

Questions about Process & Incentives

  • What is your process for onboarding?
  • How do you train and mentor leaders?
  • How do you invest in your employees?
  • How do you encourage work-life balance?
  • How would you describe the community in which the organization resides?
  • How do you ensure that spouses, significant others, and families acclimate effectively to the community?

Finding the Right Fit

After a healthcare recruitment firm understands your culture, strategy, and process, they are equipped to create a customized recruitment approach for your organization’s particular needs. Ultimately, recruitment is about partnership. You must be comfortable with the firm you choose, and the firm must be willing to invest the time to learn not just about your position(s), but about the organization and culture as a whole. The best recruitment partners are those who fully understand your needs, are focused on your long-term success, and care as much about finding the right people for the job as you do.

Looking for a partner that checks all of these boxes? Let’s talk.

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