What Makes the Jordan Search Model Unique?

What Makes the Jordan Search Model Unique?

When healthcare organizations come to Jordan Search Consultants for recruitment solutions, one of the first questions they ask is if we operate under a retained or contingency model. Considering these are the two most highly-publicized search models, they are often surprised when our answer is, “it is not that simple.” After all, recruitment must be customized; one size does not fit all.


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Increasingly, research supports that a flexible partnership between an organization and a search firm provides the most competitive advantages. That’s why we collaborate with our clients to customize a service offering that works with your internal resources to further your recruitment goals. We believe that delivering and retaining top talent doesn’t fit into recruitment model boxes. The methodology differs based on the position, the organization, internal resources, and more.


Next, organizations want certainty. Specifically, they ask about a placement guarantee.


There is never a “guarantee” of placement because successful recruitment is dependent on a myriad of factors, especially in the ever-changing healthcare environment. Jordan Search Consultants is proud of our 99.3% placement rate. And, we are so confident in our behavioral interviewing techniques that if your recruited employee leaves after less than a year of working for your organization, we’ll conduct a search to replace them at no cost.


You see, what makes the Jordan Search model unique is that we’re dedicated to more than position fulfillment. We know that strategic recruitment directly affects your organization’s revenue, reputation, and retention rate of staff—and that a function so critical to organizational success cannot be left to chance. That’s why our primary goal is to optimize the process and positively impact your bottom line.


How do we do it? We’re glad you asked.


The Jordan Search Model

For each recruitment project, JSC will provide some or all of the following services as deemed appropriate for the identified search:



  1. Interview key decision makers to determine candidate search criteria
  2. Assess organization’s corporate culture
  3. Identify potential challenges to recruitment and brainstorm potential solutions



  1. Analyze market for trends specific to industry and position
  2. Create comprehensive, customized, proactive recruitment plan



  1. Implement candidate sourcing initiatives
  2. Network with associations and industry leaders to mine active and passive candidate pools
  3. Identify qualified candidates meeting client-identified criteria
  4. Utilize behavioral interviewing techniques to vet candidates


Ongoing Communications

  1. Maintain consistent communication to keep all parties informed of search status
  2. Act as consultant/advisor throughout process RESULTS
  3. Present top-tier candidates via verbal and written presentation
  4. Verify credentials, conduct in-depth reference checks on interviewing candidates
  5. Assist with interview preparation and candidate evaluation throughout process



  1. Following placement, provide reports as requested to meet organizational requirements
  2. Conduct strategic follow-ups with candidate and client to ensure retention


Interested in learning more about Jordan Search Consultants’ innovative healthcare and academic recruitment solutions? We would love to hear from you. Call 636.294.6081 or email Kathy Jordan at [email protected].

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