What Are The Top 5 Myths About Recruitment Firms?

What Are The Top 5 Myths About Recruitment Firms?

At Jordan Search Consultants, we’ve heard it all. From “so I have to pay you 70% of the candidate’s salary, right?” to “Will you give the candidate a tour of our community?” Below are the top 5 search firm myths—and the truth.


  • Myth 1: “Our company can’t afford search firm services!”

Fact: Innovative recruitment firms positioned to compete in today’s economy offer customized solutions and work with clients to identify the level of involvement and associated fee structure that best meets their needs.


  • Myth 2: “We already have a great recruitment team in place; we have no need for a search firm.”

Fact: Reputable recruitment firms will partner with your internal staff to fill in recruitment gaps—whether those appear in strategy or execution.


  • Myth 3: “I know better than an outside firm where to find top candidates for my organization.”

Fact: Individual organizations do not have access to the specialized databases and unique internet resources that reputable recruitment firms do. Plus, top search firms leverage their networks and strategic candidate sourcing techniques to present both passive and active candidates for your consideration.


  • Myth 4: “It will take a search firm too long to learn our organization and our needs.”

Fact: Skilled and experienced recruitment firms can efficiently assess your organization’s culture and ideal candidate specifications. When top-tier candidates are presented in less time, you fill the position sooner.


  • Myth 5: “Search firms only focus on filling the position; they don’t care what happens after their engagement.”

Fact: A top-notch recruitment firm is committed to ensuring a quality fit for their client organizations. They will take the time to understand your organization’s unique culture and present candidates that will become long-lasting members of your team. They will also assist with your retention strategy, and follow up frequently after the placement has been made to ensure both parties remain content with their decision.


The reality is much more encouraging than the circulating folklore. Above all else, devote the time to researching potential recruitment firm partners. A little due diligence at the beginning could save your organization from wasted effort, time, and money down the road.


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