Top 10 Questions Healthcare Provider Candidates Should Ask During Interviews

Top 10 Questions Healthcare Provider Candidates Should Ask During Interviews

Being nervous during a job interview is understandable and expected. However, it is important that your nerves don’t get in the way of the salient information collection needed to make an informed decision. After all, just as prospective employers are interviewing you for fit, you, too, are interviewing them. Re-frame the interview experience in your mind as an opportunity to determine potential for a mutually beneficial relationship. To that end, consider asking the following questions:


  1. How long has this group existed? Please tell me about its history and describe its culture.
  2. Does the organization have a mission statement? If so, how are these values implemented operationally?
  3. How many patients do your physicians see per day and what level of autonomy do physicians have in how they practice?
  4. Please tell me about the compensation formula and how productivity is measured?
  5. In which ways, and how frequently, is overall employee, patient, and physician satisfaction measured?
  6. Is the administration responsive to physician and staff concerns? Can you provide an example?
  7. What is the process for bringing new physicians on board and is there a plan to assist new physicians as they acclimate to the practice?
  8. What is the financial health of the department, practice, or hospital? What is the 5-year plan for this department and facility?
  9. How are decisions made for the group and how often does the group meet to discuss the operations of the practice and systems used to deliver care?
  10. What is the biggest challenge this group currently faces and what is the strategy for resolution?


Choosing a healthcare organization in which you feel comfortable, appreciated, productive, and more can impact the trajectory of your career. Enter each interview with the gravitas it deserves and a list of questions that will educate you about the organization’s culture, values, patient care standards, and core emphases to make the best decision for you and your career.

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