What Residents and Fellows Need to Know About the Job Search

What Residents and Fellows Need to Know About the Job Search

Embarking on a job search is intimidating for anyone; for residents in the highly competitive world of healthcare, however, this milestone seems extra daunting. Below, we share some recruiter insider tips to help you navigate this critical journey


The search: 

  • Leverage Your Network: You’ve likely made key contacts at your places of education and training. Find out what your mentors and professors have been hearing about openings within their various spheres of influence.
  • Accept Complimentary Professional Help: Many reputable healthcare recruitment firms (Jordan Search Consultants included) will help residents with their job search at no cost. Why? It is to our advantage to vet qualified candidates on behalf of our client organizations.
  • Location Due: You can’t really know all about a place after a brief tour and a few hours of conversation. Dig deep into potential locations by asking locals when they came and why they stay. In addition, be open to areas surrounding your top locations.
  • Get Social: Many residents have not had time to establish a presence on social media. Now is the time to beef up your LinkedIn profile and begin connecting with HR managers, department chairs, and others at your top-choice healthcare organizations.

The interview:

  • The Greatest Weakness Question: Knowing your own limitations is a big part of being able to learn and grow as a leader. Answer with an area that you are already actively improving or reference an attribute that isn’t essential in the position for which you are applying.
  • The “Tell Me About Yourself” Question: While you’re telling your story, this is a great opportunity to show humility and also talk about the key people who have helped you along the way. Today’s healthcare organizations are seeking leaders who know how to build trusting relationships, demonstrate empathy, and are willing to humble themselves for the sake of their team.
  • The “Why Did You Choose This Profession” Question: Interviewers are looking for motivations. Tell a story about what got you intrigued with this type of medicine. This is an opportunity to show emotion and humanity, as well as demonstrate propensity for the specialty.
  • The “Why Should We Hire You” Question: Provide three examples of how you are unique, without making it all about you. It is always a plus to demonstrate that you are a creative and innovative leader through real stories and experiences.


Remember, interviewers are looking for humility, emotional intelligence, and compassion. Your resume lists everything else. Be honest, let your personality shine, and use stories and examples whenever possible in your responses. Additionally, be sure to do thorough research; when the interviewer asks you if you have any questions, this is another opportunity to stand out and showcase your in-depth knowledge of the department or organization. Prepare, practice, and then relax! You’ve got this!


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