Recognizing Outstanding Recruiters

Recognizing Outstanding Recruiters


Since 1991, the first Tuesday in June has been designated as National Healthcare Recruiter Recognition Day. At Jordan Search Consultants, we’re proud to shine a spotlight on our talented team members and the stellar recruiting work they do on a daily basis. The team at Jordan Search Consultants consistently goes above and beyond to provide top-notch healthcare recruiting services to clients and candidates. Our team members possess a powerful mix of knowledge, skill, and passion for helping people – all the traits necessary to fuel exceptional recruiting work.


Here are a few of the outstanding characteristics shared by recruiters who excel at their jobs, including the team members of Jordan Search Consultants.


  1. The best recruiters are passionate about what they do. 

    Recruiting is a demanding job. Recruiting for the healthcare industry, which is in the midst of major business shifts and provider shortages, can be even more daunting. The best recruiters love what they do and draw on that passion to overcome difficult challenges. They do whatever it takes to create and maintain connections with organizations and candidates, which can often mean being on-call and working well beyond normal office hours. An essential aspect of doing outstanding recruiting work includes being both proactive and responsive when it comes to communications and calls. A Forbes post on remarkable recruiters notes, “The real-deal recruiter will either answer the call or—if busy—return it promptly.”

  2. The best recruiters possess great people skills. 

    These skills include compassion, empathy, and the ability to listen, learn, and ask the right questions. Top-notch recruiters seek to understand the culture of an organization and the type of candidate they need. They also spend time getting to know candidates, discovering their skillsets, personality characteristics, and what they’re looking for in an employer. These recruiters listen carefully and ask insightful questions to fully flesh out their understanding of organizations and potential candidates. They apply compassion and empathy to grasp the needs, wants, and characteristics of both parties and then use that knowledge in order to create strong matches with long-term potential.

  3. The best recruiters understand the ins and outs of the industry.  

    In an increasingly complex world, it’s essential that recruiters fully grasp the realities, requirements, and emerging trends within an industry. This is especially salient when it comes to healthcare, where recruiters must possess a significant amount of medical and healthcare-related knowledge and industry comprehension in order to fully understand open positions and properly vet provider candidates. This understanding should also include insight into leadership styles – an important consideration when recruiting Millennial candidates. A blog post from Zip Recruiter lists “understanding the business and leadership style” of an organization as a crucial skill of successful recruiters.


At Jordan Search Consultants, we are dedicated to providing quality healthcare recruiting services that result in successful, long-term candidate placements. On National Healthcare Recruitment Recognition Day, we’re proud to call attention to the extraordinary efforts of our devoted team members. It is their tireless work that allows Jordan Search Consultants to realize our mission of facilitating access to top-tier healthcare providers throughout the country.


If your organization needs healthcare recruiting assistance, Jordan Search Consultants can help. Call us at 866-750-7231 or email us here.

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