National Health Center Week and Health Center Heroes

National Health Center Week and Health Center Heroes

August 12-18, 2018 is National Health Center Week, an annual event celebrating America’s health centers. These non-profit, non-governmental health care organizations were first established over 50 years ago and provide quality health care services to any patient in need, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. U.S. health centers serve over 27 million patients, providing primary and preventative care for low-income and medically underserved communities.


Due to the unique and challenging nature of their work, health centers are often short-staffed. In fact, 95% of all health centers have at least one clinical staff vacancy. A national survey found that if these vacancies were filled, health centers could serve an additional two million patients. Jordan Search Consultants is proud to use our recruiting expertise and services to help address this need and support the health centers’ mission to provide health care to disadvantaged populations.


Although many healthcare recruiting firms shy away from the difficulty of filling positions in rural or low-income communities, JSC embraces the challenge and believes that every human being, regardless of their wealth or status, has a right to quality health care. It brings us great joy to identify and find the unique providers whose missions align with those of the hiring organizations.


In addition to drawing attention to the work of America’s health centers, National Health Center Week also recognizes the devoted advocates and employees who support the centers—Health Center Heroes. Their endeavors extend far beyond the walls of the clinics; they are deeply invested in the community and in improving the lives of the patients they serve. Learn more about National Health Center Week and how you can support your local health center here. And, if you are facing recruitment challenges in a health care center, Jordan Search Consultants would be happy to speak with you more about it. Contact us here.

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