Jordan Search Consultants Introduces Career Placement Solutions

Jordan Search Consultants Introduces Career Placement Solutions

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Consider this: a healthcare client engages us to conduct a search for an orthopedic surgeon.


We conduct an exhaustive search, taking into account all specified requirements, organizational culture, and more. We present four high-quality candidates and the client selects one. The candidate accepts and all is well.


But, what happens to the other three highly-qualified orthopedic surgeon candidates?


This scenario—encountered again and again— helped launch Jordan Search Consultants’ most recent service offering: Career Placement Solutions.


This service is designed to help place these qualified candidates, and to help healthcare organizations effectively fill positions without a messy contingency agreement.


Here’s how it works:

  • We approach the candidates and ask them if they would like us to continue trying to place them
  • If they say yes, we begin a targeted, comprehensive outreach campaign to healthcare organizations that meet the candidate’s specifications. Through emails and calls, we approach organizations with information about the candidate to gauge interest.
  • Well-aware that our clients are never eager to sign yet another contingency agreement, we present only one prime candidate per position to organizations for consideration. And we present this uniquely-vetted candidate only one time. This is not a contingency agreement. In fact, this solution is the anti-contingency agreement.
  • If the organization is interested and the candidate is hired, the organization will pay Jordan Search Consultants a one-time placement fee. If the organization is not interested in the one candidate presented, there is no cost and no other candidates will be presented.


Why it works:

It is a win-win scenario. Jordan Search Consultants has already pre-screened these candidates and knows what they want in a work environment. If we can find an organization that meets those specifications and is looking to fill a position, everyone benefits. In addition, healthcare organizations are welcoming this service because it only involves a one-time fee for only one, uniquely-vetted candidate—and only if that candidate is hired. Many healthcare organizations have multiple recruitment firms working for them on a contingency basis and are hesitant to hire yet another firm for contingency work. There is an elegance in the simplicity of this anti-contingency offering.


“In this rapidly-changing and increasingly competitive healthcare environment, healthcare organizations are having difficulty filling positions in a timely and cost-effective way,” said Kathy Jordan, President and Founder of Jordan Search Consultants. “We wanted to help solve this problem by matching highly-qualified, pre-screened candidates to organizations motivated to hire. Instead of leaving these cream-of- the-crop recruits on the table, we are proactively offering them to organizations for a one-time fee. We have found that it both simplifies and expedites the process.”


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