Conveying Your Organization’s Mission Effectively

Conveying Your Organization’s Mission Effectively

Most healthcare organizations have a crafted mission statement to describe the ideals and purpose of their institution. But merely posting those words on a wall or website is not enough to imbue them with value. An institution’s mission must be put into practice; the day-to-day actions and experiences of stakeholders, providers, and employees will always speak louder than any written statement. Organizations that work to fulfill their stated mission through active, daily implementation will see numerous benefits, including enhanced company culture, increased employee engagement, and the ability to attract quality job candidates with complementary personal values.


Translate the organizational mission into valued business goals

By incorporating mission aims into a definitive business goal, organizations send the message that their higher purpose is just as valuable as the bottom line. When institutions implement specific actions to support that goal, mission statements become an active force versus a passive proclamation.


Champion mission values in daily operations

Company culture – the way an organization’s values are expressed in day-to-day operations and interactions – is established through the actions and direction of leaders and managers. In the healthiest organizations, a company’s stated values and mission are evident in the workplace environment. When mission values are actively promoted by leadership, they become a positive part of company culture.


Create organizational mission ambassadors

Recognize and reward employees who are supporting the organization’s mission. Employees who find meaning in their work and feel appreciated become positive ambassadors for an organization. Verbal affirmation, recognition in company-wide publications, or other positive reinforcement are all ways to emphasize the value of an organization’s mission, promote employee engagement, and create organizational mission ambassadors organically.


Discuss the organization’s mission during interviews

When hiring new employees, look for candidates whose personal values will align with those of the organization. During the interview process, spend time explaining the organization’s mission and ask candidates how they see themselves furthering that mission. When personal and organizational missions are in alignment, everyone wins.


To convey missions effectively, organizations should bring their stated purposes and values to life. An organization’s mission must be experienced as a valued tenet of business that undergirds and informs daily decisions and interactions. Organizations that are able to accomplish this will benefit from increased employee engagement, less turnover, and an appealing company culture to attract top-tier future job candidates. Jordan Search Consultants understands the importance of alignment between a candidate’s personal mission and that of an organization. If you need assistance finding candidates for your organization, we can help. Give us a call at 866-750-7231 or email us here.

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