Conquering the Challenge of Candidate Sourcing

Conquering the Challenge of Candidate Sourcing

Healthcare organizations across the nation are well aware of the workforce challenges facing the industry. While the demand for healthcare providers continues to increase, the available supply is shrinking. For healthcare organizations seeking to fill open positions, being able to find top-quality candidates is essential. It’s also the most time-consuming part of the recruitment cycle. For many organizations, their outlay of resources would be better spent on the later stages of the recruitment cycle, when it is time to interview, conduct site visits, and extend offers to candidates. By utilizing Jordan Search Consultants as your candidate sourcing partner, organizations can bypass the long process of weeding out unqualified contenders. Instead, you can spend your time interacting with already-vetted, quality candidates.


When it comes to healthcare recruiting, it’s essential to work with a partner who not only understands the ins and outs of the healthcare industry but will also spend time getting to know your organization’s culture. Cultural alignment between the organization and a candidate matters immensely when it comes to recruitment and retention. In addition to possessing the necessary skillsets, a potential candidate’s personality and values need to be a good fit with your organization and the communities you serve in order for them to be a long-term match. Whether our clients are utilizing our Candidate Sourcing Service or our other recruiting service offerings, Jordan Search Consultants is focused on finding candidates who will work well with an organization on all levels.


At Jordan Search Consultants, we envision our Candidate Sourcing Service as an infinity sign. We believe in the importance of partnering with healthcare organizations to ensure that our work integrates seamlessly into your recruiting process, saving you time and money. This model ensures quality candidates are sourced, with NO PLACEMENT FEES.



Organizations have benefited from utilizing Jordan Search Consultant’s Candidate Sourcing Service in numerous ways: 

  • Delivers Top Talent: Jordan Search Consultants is able to cast a wide net for talent, using a proprietary physician and executive database with more than 850,000 prospects as well as other specialty-specific databases. We screen top contenders against your organization’s particular requirements, corporate culture, and more.
  • Saves you time: Investing in a recruiting outsourcing program, like our Candidate Sourcing Service, can reduce the time-to-hire by 43%.
  • Saves you MoneyBecause we are saving your organization time, and you can place multiple candidates from our sourcing efforts with no placement fee, we are saving you money. In fact, clients report that they have saved up to 60% or more compared to contingency and retained search models.
  • Increases Staff Productivity: Our service takes the time-consuming process of identifying qualified candidates off your plate so your staff can move forward with other priorities.
  • Enhances Retention: Because you are presented with top-quality candidates specifically pre-screened per your organization’s criteria and culture, you are interviewing people who are more likely to take the position—and remain for the long term.
  • Enhances Reputation: Our sourcing outreach initiatives continually put your organization’s brand and opportunities in front of external candidates and stakeholders. Consequently, your organization stays top-of-mind for current and future candidates and industry leaders.


If your organization is interested in gaining a competitive recruiting edge (and regaining time for other projects), Jordan Search Consultants is here to help. Email us 0r give us a call at 866-750-7231 to learn more about our Candidate Sourcing Services and how we can assist you with your healthcare recruiting needs.

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