Career Placement Solutions

Did you know that more than 50% of newly trained physicians leave their first job within two years? The statistics are against you when selecting your initial career opportunity.


For such a long time, the next step on the journey has been pre-determined. College, then medical school, then residency, and then, for some, a fellowship or two. During your final year of training, you don’t have the tools or the time to jump-start a job search and adequately evaluate the right opportunity. Your prospective employers are struggling too; with limited knowledge of how to evaluate physicians for cultural fit, they often make poor—and costly—hiring decisions.

Jordan Search Consultants’ Career Placement Solutions help match highly-qualified candidates (like you!) with hiring healthcare organizations in a targeted, strategic way. We simplify and expedite the recruitment process for you so that you can focus on what you do best—practicing medicine.

How Does It Work?


Let’s pretend you are an ambitious orthopedic resident. You are one year from graduation and have no idea how to find a job. You know that you want to be on the East Coast near family, but that is about all you know. Will a private practice employment opportunity augment your success? Would you be happier in an academic setting? What about hospital employment? There are too many unknowns for you to make an educated decision. So, you engage Jordan Search Consultants—at no cost—to help you land that first position.

Self-Assessment and Career Coaching

We take you through an in-depth self-assessment to pinpoint exactly what you want out of a career and what kind of position—and environment—will fuel your success. We improve upon your CV and prepare you for interviews, acting as your career coach throughout the journey.

Strategic Marketing and Match

Through research, industry knowledge, and high-level connections, we uncover organizations within your geographic preferences that are seeking an orthopedic surgeon with your exact qualifications and strengths. Jordan Search Consultants initiates a targeted, comprehensive outreach campaign to these organizations and professionally presents you as a top-tier candidate. If you are hired, the organization will pay Jordan Search Consultants a pre-approved one-time placement fee.

Everyone Benefits

You land a fulfilling job and the organization fills a position quickly with a candidate who is well matched—and likely to stay in the position long-term.

Why Does It Work?

It is a win-win scenario. Jordan Search Consultants coaches graduating residents and fellows and assesses their qualifications and skill sets; our staff gets to know what you want in a professional environment. If we can find an organization that meets those specifications and is looking to fill a position, everyone benefits. In addition, this service costs you nothing and is cost-effective for healthcare organizations that appreciate the simplicity of the offering and the one-time fee for one, qualified candidate—and only if the candidate is hired.

Contact Matt Jordan to get started.

“Matt Jordan was honest and easy to work with; I would definitely consider a candidate from Jordan Search Consultants’ Career Placement Solutions in the future.”

-Tom Leeds, Director
Medical Staff Recruiting, Mercy
Toledo, Ohio

Below, you’ll find some links to resources we’ve found help candidates prepare for their career journey.