Staffing Service Line

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought swift and incredible challenges to the healthcare industry. As the need for safe and reliable testing rapidly increased, testing centers around the nation had to be staffed urgently. As more of these centers turned to Jordan Search Consultants for help, we began building a new service line dedicated to helping them find highly-qualified healthcare professionals. Since then, this line has expanded to help hospitals, nursing homes, community clinics, and other healthcare centers find top-tier mid-level providers like nurse practitioners, CNAs, nurses, medical assistants, and physician assistants.

Healthcare organizations turn to us because we can find comprehensively vetted candidates to fill essential positions quickly and reliably. Providers work with us because we offer competitive pay and connect them with quality short- and long-term positions.

Our Staffing Service Line includes:

Comprehensive vetting

We thoroughly vet all candidates, including background checks and in-depth screening against position requirements, organization culture, and more

Extensive database

We have a large database of highly-qualified and reliable candidates, including NPs, CNAs, PAs, MAs, and other mid-level providers

Competitive pay

Our competitive pay structure helps to attract the best mid-level healthcare providers for open positions

Strategic partnership

We work with you to determine the best staffing solutions for your current needs, and we execute on a hiring plan quickly so that no time is lost in filling urgent positions

Time and cost savings

With our staffing model, we handle all of the details – from finding and vetting the best candidates to fill your open roles, to hiring and paying the providers that are selected

Providing the best care for your patients often means filling open provider roles quickly. With our staffing service line, we help you find the best candidates while saving you time and money – during the recruitment process and beyond. Our comprehensively vetted candidates work for us – which means we handle all of the paperwork and payroll while you enjoy the benefit of a highly-qualified staff.

To learn more about our Staffing Service Line, please contact us.

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