The Jordan Search Consultants team embraces and advocates for diversity in all areas of our lives. Inclusion is a primary guiding principal in every decision we make professionally, which extends to our clients and employees. We understand that diversity of perspectives, experiences, cultures, genders, and age are essential to the growth and prosperity of any company. We strive to create a culture that thrives on inclusivity and embraces uniqueness.

Jordan Search Consultants is a woman-owned business, and our team unites members of a variety of religions and ethnicities. Because of our staff’s diverse collection of experiences and skills, we’re able to provide top-tier search services for a variety of organizations throughout the United States. We offer strategic consultation for, create, and implement inclusive recruitment solutions and are proud to provide clients with a diverse pool of premium candidates.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Jordan Search Consultants can help support your organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives, please email or call us at 866-750-7231.