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Job Seekers

Whether you’re interested in executive or clinical opportunities, it’s our mission to align the most qualified candidates together with the most compatible organizations.

We achieve this through the following process:

  1. Our consultants meet directly with organizations to discuss, in-depth, the details of an opportunity and better understand the organizational culture.
  2. Our recruiters will invest a substantial amount of time screening you for an opportunity to determine whether you and the opportunity will be a good fit for each other. This includes getting to know your goals, experience, skillsets, and work environment preferences.
  3. We forward to the organization only candidates that are most qualified for the opportunity and are a cultural fit.
  4. Once the organization accepts you as a candidate, they will bring you in for an on-site visit. As your partner, we will be in control of every aspect of the on-site interview, including coordinating schedules, travel plans, and accommodations, as well as the interview itinerary.
  5. After the interview, we will candidly discuss with you the details about compensation, expectations, paid time-off, student loan assistance, signing bonuses, etc.
  6. Once you are offered the position, Jordan Search Consultants will continue to serve as your advocate and mediator during any contract negotiations.


You can rest easy knowing that we hold your information in strict confidence. Our team is professional and highly trained, and we appreciate your need (as well as the organization’s need) for maintaining privacy.

To access the opportunities for which we are currently recruiting, click here for executive positions or here for clinician positions.

If you are seeking a new position, please email your CV or resume to DJ Larson, [email protected], or call 866-750-7231