Expert Witness Service

With more than 30 years of experience in the physician and healthcare recruitment industry, Jordan Search Consultants’ Vice President of Client Development, Regina Levison, is a well-respected expert witness and has been providing these services since 1994. She has expertise in forensic job search, job search assessment, compensation, benefits, and recruitment incentives, and is one of few recognized Expert Witnesses in the provider recruitment industry; she regularly provides her opinion in the areas of wrongful termination, spousal support, unfair business practices, slander, loss of privileges, and more.

Ms. Levison is well-suited to provide physician expert witness services for either the plaintiff or defendant in cases involving, but not limited to:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Wrongful settlement of medical malpractice case
  • Wrongful suspension of privileges
  • Medicare/Medicaid/Medi-Cal suspension
  • Unfair business practices and slander
  • Whistle blower

  • Unfair demotion/unfair contract terms
  • Unfair contract terms
  • Divorce and spousal support
  • Partnership and/or business interruption
  • Compensation and benefits/recruitment incentives
  • Productivity

Compensation and Available Practice Opportunity Data

The majority of cases involve providing retroactive and current compensation data along with productivity compensation, medical malpractice insurance, signing bonus, relocation expense, and other recruitment incentives. This information is essential in validating and/or rebutting data created by forensic economists/accountants.

Some cases involve conducting a forensic (retroactive) job search to determine what positions would have been available during a specific period of time and in a specific geographic location. This requires identifying appropriate professional journals, research in medical libraries, and researching Internet job boards.

Ms. Levison is well-versed in all the nuances of these cases. She understands that selecting a medical expert is not only challenging, but one of the most important decisions an attorney makes when preparing a case. A knowledgeable, prepared, experienced, and personable expert can offer a powerful advantage during litigation.

For more information about our expert witness services, please contact:

Regina Levison
Vice President, Client Development
Office: 800-538-4766
Cell: 530-409-0263

We also provide services for: Executive Search, Physician SearchAdvanced Practitioner Search.

“Ms. Levison was qualified by the court as an expert physician and executive recruiter without objection. She established an instant rapport with the jury. Her testimony was convincing and virtually unchallenged.”

-Eugene Lee, Law Offices of Eugene Lee
Los Angeles, CA